Lifelines in a dangerous world

Hopper Main Page
Common Wonderous Item
50 GP
Spend 1 Action attuning the Hopper to an item. For 24 hours, or until you use or dismiss the Hopper, if you are moved swiftly from the hopper, (Like plummeting to your doom), you may make a dexterity saving throw with advantage. (DC 10) If successful, the hopper snaps you back to the attuned item. If unsuccessful, the hopper snaps uselessly. If the Hopper is dismissed, it is not used. If you move slowly away from the attuned item, it dismisses the Hopper. If not, the hopper is consumed on use.

Fool Proof Hopper
Uncommon Wonderous Item
200 GP
Same effect as a Hopper, but you do not need to roll a save.

Reusable Hopper
Rare Wonderous Item
2000 GP
Same Effect as a Fool Proof Hopper, but has 3 Charges. You must reattune the Reusable Hopper after every use. The Reusable Hopper gains 1 Charge a day. Roll a d20 after each use. On a 1, the hopper snaps.



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