Speed Force Initiative

How we do fights

Speed Factor Initiative

Another game, a new Initiative house rule. Speed Factor Initiative means you plan for your turn ahead of time, roll initiative, and go in battle based on how quick your action will be. Ideally, it means no waiting for people on their turn, and less predictable combat.

1. The DM sets the stage each round, and everyone quickly declares what action they will be using.

(DM: The Kobolds are preparing a charge! Their caster sits in the back, mumbling magic words to a spell. What are you doing?

Grunk: I’m going to run in and stab the caster.

Jim: I’m going to nuke the bugger’s with a Fireball

Barbie: I’m dropping my shield, using my longsword 2 handed, and I’ll slice up any kobold that approaches Jim.)

If, for some reason, when its your turn and you can’t do your preplanned action, you can dash, instead.

2. Everyone rolls initiative for the round, and modifies it by their Speed Factor.

(Creature size+speed of action+initiative mod)

Grunk (a medium elf, +0) stabs with his dagger (light weapon +2) with a 3 initiative. Rolls a 14, goes on a 19.

Jim the halfling (+2 size) prepares a fireball (-3 for lvl 3 spell) with an init of 1. Rolls a 6, gets a 6.

Barbie the Orc (medium +0) drops her shield (-2 for swap) charges a bonus Smite spell (-2 for second level spell) and readies it to swing her longsword (-2 heavy weapon) with a 0 initiative. You only take the lowest penalty for actions so she only takes a -2, rolls a 16 and goes on 14.

Barbie’s readied action can’t go off until her turn.

3. DM starts the count. When your number is called, jump in and do your planned action. After your turn is resolved, resume the count. IF YOU MISS THE COUNT MISS YOUR TURN.

(DM: OK! Here goes! 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19

Grunk: I weave through the kobolds and stab the caster! 17 to hit, 10 damage! Sneak attack wuut! 18 17 16 15

DM: the kobold completes her spell, lobbing an acid arrow at Barbie! 19 to AC?

Barbie: Ooh that hits!

DM: Remember you haven’t dropped your shield yet?

Barbie: Thats right! I am safe!

DM: 14…

Barbie: OK I drop my shield, hold on to my sword with both hands, and ready myself to protect Jim. Oh yeah, my smite spell is flowin’.

DM: Continue the Count?

Barbie: 13, 12, 11

DM: Three Kobolds rush toward Jim.

Barbie: Not before KaSmite! 19 to hit, 14 damage!

DM: you cleave through two of them, the last wriggling free and stabbing Jim. 16 to hit, 5 damage.

Jim: Oh Snot!

DM: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6

Jim: Boom Time! …wait, only a few left, and one’s right on top of me? I’m going to disengage and dash away to safety.

DM: That’s everyone? OK. The kobolds look nervous, that first volley did not go well for then and they look ready to flee. What do you do?

4. Rinse and Repeat.

Tiny +5
Small +2
Medium 0
Large -2
Huge -5
Gargantuan -8

Your Size is unlikely to change, so just add this bonus to your Initiative Modifier

Spell Casting -Spell Level
Melee Heavy or 2 handed -2
Melee Light or Finesse +2
Ranged, Loading -5
Swap Equipment -2
Retrieve Item -2
Retrieve stowed item -5
Very Slow Action -5
Slower action -2
Medium 0
Fast +2
Very Fast +5

You only ever take the SLOWEST modifier, even if you do multiple actions. You choose What to do, but don’t worry about movement, or your target, until it’s your turn. If you decide against the action come your turn, you can Dash instead.

Add those to your Initiative Modifier. If you are Surprised, Stunned, Prone, or Paralyzed, you get disadvantage on this roll. Main Page



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