Captain "Salty" Lief Sawyer

A short, rude elf with sandy blonde hair to his shoulders and a puckered scar on his cheek

A jackass through and through, in the game for the fame and the women and the men and the glory. Lief embarrasses his crew, is kicked out of inns, and had his life threatened on numerous occasions for the filth he spews from his mouth.

It doesn’t make a dent on his Karma. He runs a White Sail Guild beloved through the land, known as the Reclaimers.

Lief has a way with hunting down angels, with extremely low casualties. He gives Orichalcum to the needy before even ensuring his own base and ship is taken care of. Every member of his crew would lay their lives down for the captain-knowing he would get to the sacrifice first.

Lief is always looking for more crew – with thick skin to handle the abuse, and small ambitions at personal wealth.


Captain "Salty" Lief Sawyer

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