Captain Johnny "Two Beard" Quartzstone

A stout and sturdy Dwarf, tall for his kind, with a gruff no-bullshit look and forked blonde beard.


The Red Sailed Crimson Raiders are as mercenary a force as you can get. They’ll fly protection, bolster raiding forces, or even don a blue flag and chase down others for bounty. Everything with the Raiders is strictly business. They’ll only kill if the contract calls for it, and they’ll never loot more then you can afford to lose.

Captain Two Beard lives this philosophy to it’s core. He’ll go drinking with you on Monday, take a contract on your life Tuesday, then help your widow pay for the funeral on Wednesday.

If you’ve got the sense to not have a bounty on your head, they can be a great ally. They’ve got their hands in nearly every bit of business that goes on in Caelorum, and will disclose any information that doesn’t directly compromise current contracts.

The Raiders are always looking for good folk with a strong head for business and unwavering loyalty.


Captain Johnny "Two Beard" Quartzstone

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