Captain KaKarKat "Gull Brain" Rocksgut

An elderly Kenku with an oft broken beak and wise eyes.


KaKarKat is the spiritual leader of the White Sail Guild known as the Beggars. Complete pacifists, They pull up to ships of nearly any flag to beg for donations of coin, clothes, food and Orichalcum. They will not strike back against violence they face, assuming htose that would steal from them to be products of the times, and likely needing the goods they collect more then those who they would deliver to.

Being made up of what many feel are lesser races, they actually succeed more often then not. Kenku, Bullywug, and Thri-kreen make terrible slaves. They’ve been able to pull mercy out of even the Shackled Hand at times.

They do not stop Angel ships, having long ago realized that they are incapable of mercy.

Speaking with KaKarKat himself is a spiritual experience. Though the Beggars are reviled by many – especially the Bank of Rebels – few can stay mad at them for long. His wise words and kindly tone have brokered peace, protected the weakest of the weak – those the Angels never deemed fit to share in their “Kingdom of God”


Captain KaKarKat "Gull Brain" Rocksgut

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