Captain Samael "Ronin" Frostback

It's rare to see a halfling with such a full, dark beard and predatory gaze.


Captain and Guild leader of the Red Sailed Lunarians, Samael is a ruggedly handsome Halfling with an easy smile – even if his teeth are a bit jagged. He loves crafted beers and is quick to spend his coin wherever he ports.

He knows the reputation his guild has of rampant lycanthropy, and plays up on that “tall tale” to earn fear and respect from the other guilds. Their crest is a howling wolf, they sharpen their teeth and grow nails out like claws. Often, the fear of being bit will cause loyalist islands to turn over riches.

But then, they do sail to an island they maintain, even though it’s a wasteland with no population, every month for a “retreat”.

And they do ban silver on their ships.

And they do keep a lot of bears, tigers, wolves, and rats as pets.


Captain Samael "Ronin" Frostback

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