Captain "Bloody Hand" Srrynthiss

Blue grey tentacles coated in a healthy, transparent slime. This Mindflayer clearly eats well.


Captain Srrynthiss leads The Hive, a black sail guild of zealots sworn to end piracy, sink the rebels, and restore their honor before God. A psychic link bonds him to his men – typically races such as Mindflayers and Githyanki with strong psionic capabilities. They react swiftly to threats and act as one.

Srrynthiss works to capture pirate ships, and enslave the weak minded crewmen. Those with stronger will are eaten, or turned into terrible monsters – intellect Devourers or Grick, that act as the Hive’s mascots.

Srrynthis will approach islands first in a personal parley – demanding a single unacceptable offer: Hand over all Orichalcum in your possession. If he is denied, he takes the island by force.


Captain "Bloody Hand" Srrynthiss

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