Wearing mismatched armor from his homeland, this battle scarred Githzerai stands out in a crowd.


Ridley wears a collection of unmatched armors from his home. Like most of the Gith, (though he identifies as a Githzerai) Ridley shares the general near identical appearance of his people, which comes off as quite intimidating. His true nature, however, is anything but.

Ridley wears a bandana and carries two curved swords that pool with shadows.

Update: In Session 2, Ridley was elected Governor of the Lost Cove.


He may just be the nicest, most unlucky guy around.

Being a Githzerai means that no one likes you.Trying to be the best person that you can be means Githzerai don’t like you.

Ridley was cast out overboard, but as luck would have it an island broke his fall. Now, he survivesby being hired help – Ridley is often recruited for more mercenary work due to his appearance, more then his skills. There are many negative stereotypes of the Gith – the Githyanki remain enslaved by the Illithid and do much of their dirty work. As long as these stereotypes exist, he will try to change people’s minds.

Hopefully, he will be lucky enough on this island to have people see him for who he really is.


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