Ghost Ships

Be wary of those that fall to the Mists. Be wary of the screaming statues and the restless dead.


The Mists have had a large effect on our lives, from chasing us out of our ancestral homes, to inciting the Dragons against us. They power magic and mutate species.

They can have a greater effect on those they kill. Greyscale is a painful, lingering disease that festers the body and pulls at the soul. The petrified bodies left behind rarely do so peacefully, leaving screaming faces and arms frozen in hateful wailing. Everyone knows dying in a hateful way is near guaranteed to leave some remnant behind, and greyscale proves it.

Ships float in the mists, bearing ancient designs and weaponry, manned by frozen statues. The ghosts and shadows tethered to them seek freedom – by ensnaring and temporarily possessing the living, or feeling warm blood splash against their petrified bodies. Smashing a statue – while not easy – is the only way to permanently release them from their eternal struggling, else they just come back once the sun has set.

A few of the more powerful souls can animate the stone itself. Called gargoyles, the legends of their mere existence cause fear around statues left behind. Many artisans, playing on superstitious fears, decorate homes, temples, and castles with the gargoyles to ward off the weary.

Smashing a statue, or even a petrified corpse is more dangerous then leaving them behind. A gargoyle is unlikely to attack you, after all, unless you attack it first.


Ghost Ships

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