High Cleric Beatrix

A stern looking elf in shining armor with long black ringlets


Status: Dead


High Cleric Beatrix was a compassionate woman, taking in orphans to train in the ways of God. She accepted no excuses, and was quite stern, but had a kind heart. Through her strong connection with God and knowledge of the island’s blessings, she was able to save Boris’s life when he concocted greyscale at a young age. She raised Kaylessa and opened the orphan’s eyes to the Path of God.

After teaching others on the island the way, she would devote time to teach weaponry and self defense – just in case.

Beatrix was slain by the Shackled Hand, but not before she was able to swallow the Orichalcum, hiding it inside herself to keep the Lost Cove safe.

High Cleric Beatrix

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