Matron Dellifalia "Dee" Araconia

Dark skin, pale yellow eyes, and with vibrantly died hair, she sneers as she mentally sizes up your resale value.


Matron Dee, Leader of the Shackled Hand, a Black Flag group of slavers that raid Caelorum from the depths of the Mists, returning with cargo loads full of the youngest and healthiest specimens they can find to work in the Drow Empire in the Under Dark.

Dee is of a lesser noble house in the matriarchy below, but is one of the primary forces willing to breach the misty layers of dragons and death that separate the world of the sky from the world of eternal dark. She is ruthless, and incredibly driven. Her goals are clearly greed driven, and if you can show the upper hand, or a more valuable target, she may leave you alone. If she doesn’t like your offer, you’ll be a welcome addition to her holds. Those that are injured, weak, or deemed too old are casually thrown off the ship, into the mists below.

What secrets do her ships hold that allow them to pierce the mists over long journeys, and survive?


Matron Dellifalia "Dee" Araconia

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