The Angels

Carved brass faces stare unmoving from these robed and winged figures


The Angels control the trade of Orichalcum – or as they refer to it “The Body of God”. They do not negotiate or barter, though the price of the precious metal is in constant fluctuation.

If you are able to get a rare explanation from them, they state that all life must be saved with strict rationing, therefore the body of God must only be delivered to those who earn it.

Angels accept metals such as gold silver or platinum for payment, as well as the petrified bodies of those that have fallen to Greyscale.

Angels will rarely start a fight, but if provoked will counter with extreme and swift violence.

Angels have been around as long as Caelorum in the sky, and though their strongholds and ships are foolishly attacked by rebels, their strength – a gift from God – never wanes.


The Angels

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