The Morning Star

White Skin, White Hair, polished white horns, she stares through you.


Captain of the Disciples (Most call them Disciples of the Morning Star, or the Godless)

The Morning star is a bit of an enigma. Some say she’s what the Angels look like without their armor. Never to her face, though.

She is not one to speak often, but when she does it’s to raise the fury of a crowd. Her guild of Disciples fly the White Flag, and hunting down Angel ships and strong holds when able. Unlike the Reclaimers, she does not do it for fame or a love of the common man. She does not want to save anyone – though many are saved by her actions.

The Morning Star wants to kill God. She gives away the Orichalcum gathered from such expeditions not to those most in need, but those most likely to get in the way of the Angels. Her guild prefers to flee, rather then fight, if ships in the area aren’t flying the Silver of Gold – or working with the Shackled Hand.

She is always recruiting new ships and crewmen to fly them for such missions.


The Morning Star

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