The Sisters Weird

Never what they seem, and never striking the same way twice.


Most guilds seem to have an agenda, a meaning, a greater purpose.

The Sisters Weird defy definition.

Chaotic spirits, witches and hags, these shape changers seem to relish chaos over all things. A thousand tales of the Sisters Weird haunt the lives of villagers, who turn them into boogeymen to scare their children into good behavior.

A few details remain somewhat consistent:
They will trade anyone anything their heart desires, all if will cost them is a babe borne of their own flesh. It is well known their hunger for children.
Their ships have great chicken legs that appear to swim or walk through the sky.
They love to trick mortals into peril, especially the lost or desperate.

The tale that spreads the most fear is when, in disguise, the Sister’s Weird arrived on an island seeking safety – sinking into the mists six days after the loss of it’s Orichalcum. Looking like Paladins, and flying a white flag, they promised the safety of the island’s children, and flew them off while tearful, gladdened parents awaited the doom inside their homes. Before the ship was out of eyesight, the glamor was removed, to the horror of those left behind.

The Sisters Weird

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