Yecti "PinBeak" Rabrabbit

He's a bird who is also a cook who sometimes cooks other birds.


Kenku. Older and it shows. His beak is scratched and a little chipped. Hes a little hunched over and he always looks a little grumpy. He is lean, almost gaunt, a result of years of no food and athletic/criminal activity. He owns a small restaurant on the island and is the head chef there. He wears a filthy chefs coat into battle, dual wields knives (a cleaver and a long chefs knife) and he never, ever wears a chefs hat. He wears a belt that contains his thieves tools, a small coin pouch and a few small glass bottles. They contain various spices.

His hands are scarred and burnt, a result of working in the kitchen. He always has a few singed feathers. His coloring is the normal black and grey of a raven, but not the shiny clean look. He is more than a little shabby. He takes very little care in his appearance as he rarely encounters other Kenku.


Yecti lived the majority of his life as a criminal, like most Kenku. He scraped and clawed his way through existence, living life the only way he knew how. He was skilled, but he lacked the ambition to pull off any worthwhile crimes. Instead, he relied on schemes, begging and eventually, drinking. Finally, while serving as janitor on an angel ship, he unsuccessfully attempted to steal half the contents of the captains quarters. He was thrown overboard. Lucky for Yecti, they were just leaving dock from our little island. He fell for what felt like forever. As he felt the cool wind on his feathers, he decided that this wasn’t so bad. If the last thing he tasted in his life was the sweet freedom of flight, then somehow it was all worth it.

It was not the last thing he tasted. Shortly after he slammed into the ground, he tasted blood, and then nothing. He was a little upset about that.

Turns out the boat was cruising just over the farm of an elf. He was taken in by the farmer and nursed back to health. As he regained his strength, the two developed a strong friendship. He didn’t have much choice in the matter, as most of his bones were broken. He also couldn’t speak. Since the farmer never learned his name, he called him PinBeak. Again, he had no choice in the matter.

Yecti decided he would leave his old life behind, and take up some honest trade. He became enamored with the different kinds foods that the farmer fed him as he recuperated. Things he had never seen or tasted. Once he started walking again, he would follow the farmer into the kitchen every time he cooked. He would watch intently every recipe and every technique and then replicate them perfectly. He helped the elf work the land and grow the ingredients that he had become obsessed with.

He finally recovered enough to start contributing to the island. He decided to start his own restaurant using the recipes and techniques he had learned from his friend, who then became his supplier and business partner. One year after he had tasted true freedom while plummeting to his death, he tasted it again when he opened the doors to Blu Skies. In the years since it has become a popular destination on the island. He has left his former life behind and let his old skills get rusty.

But there is trouble brewing. He sees it on the faces of his customers and his neighbors. He feels it in the moods of the merchants that pass through the island. Orichalcum has been harder and harder to come by as of late and people are getting worried. There is even talk of piracy brewing. Each night, after the restaurant closes, he spends his time sweeping up, wiping down counters and humming happily to himself. But once the cleaning is done he must sharpen his knives. He does not hum when he does this. He is not happy. He is not content. He knows that it’s just a matter of time until everything falls apart again.

Yecti "PinBeak" Rabrabbit

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