Session 1

Wherein we learn we are fucked

A week ago, the Lost Cove was struck by the Ravagers. In exchange for safety, Governor Joseph Morales gave up our nearly mint Orichalcum. The island scrambled for coins to buy a new peace. Without the Stone, the Lost Cove would sink in the matter of a week.

After summoning the Angels, Joseph tried to barter with them, but their price stood at 5000 gold – roughly 20x what we could gather. The angels do not barter, and left with a warning that we would buy from them, fall, or be marked as rebels. Alternatively, we could pay the price of 20 bodies that have fallen to Greyscale.

Joseph called a town meeting, where after much debate, the town decided the only true path would be to turn to the mercy of the rebels. Joseph, Beatrix, Barond, Jassincto, and Helga would board the island’s only ship, on a course to find a loan with the Goblins. He placed Kaylessa in charge, under a martial law. Before departing, High Cleric Beatrix informed Kaylessa that the blessings would fall while there is no Orichalcum in the altar.

Knowing they may have to rapidly depart, and hoping the promised merchant ships would arrive in time should the need arise, the townsfolk immediately set to drinking – with Yecti proclaiming half priced drinks at the Blue Skies.

Kaylessa refused such merriment under crisis, and alone set off for the Temple to pray for guidance. Upon arrival, she was shocked to discover the doors – typically sealed by blessings, had been pried open by small clawed hands. She fled back for help, and gathered volunteers to eradicate whatever clawed it’s way into the temple.

After getting the support of Malycia, Yecti, a drunk Cero and newly transformed Boris she fled for the temple. Seeking excitement, Ridley sprinted ahead first – only to run into a pair of screaming boars. Something had scared the beasts, and they appear to have fled from the temple, squealing with bloody flanks.

The others arrived to assist – butchering one and tying up another – before scouting ahead with Bastet – Malycia’s saber toothed kittybat. He sensed the stinking presence of kobold. The group pried open the doors, and discovered the Cleansing room in a sad state of affairs, art smeared with offal and pigs blood.

The stairs down had been maliciously coated with blood and rendered fat, creating a slippery trap that knocked Malycia and Ridley down into the waiting hands of kobold, distracting them from destroying everything they could find in the Maintenance room. After a rough fight, the party snagged one for interrogation.

The stinking kobold survivor begged release, promising many great things he couldn’t possibly be able to supply. He informed Jibjub the warrior would destroy them – he is taking down the altar so that everyone on the island would die, at behest of his dragon masters. Perterbed, the party picked up the pace, and cut the kobold’s throat.

Down a trapped ladder, they discovered rust monsters have broken through the trail separating the different levels of the temple. Rather then fight off the docile beasts, they lured them away with Bastet holding bags of the kobold’s discarded weaponry.

Clever planning had the group clear the next room of kobolds in one shot, turning the beast’s flaming barricade against them. In the altar room, they faced down Jibjub, and his mighty dragon – a baby salamander – though the battle was rough, and half the party were knocked, poisoned, and paralyzed out of the fight. It was worth it though – they were able to leave with a nice sack of rubies and some new magical equipment.

Kaylessa spoke with God while cleaning the altar, and learned that the kobold’s assault lowered their timeline before descending into the Mists. The town had a panicked day to pack and await the merchant ships. Cero and Yecti formed a plan to take such a ship for themselves.

The next day, floating slowly and wobbling on the horizon, a Mycanoid Merchant ship, flying rebel flags arrives. It is worse for the wear from battle, and has a very small crew – only three mushroom men on a ship that takes at least a dozen to properly man. They ask assistance and water, informing that they were hired by Joseph to escort them back swiftly – the island’s ship being held for collateral for the loan obtained from the goblins. They take a box off the ship – instantly identifiable as a casket. Guiseppe, the captain, explains they were attacked by slavers of the shackled hand, and Beatrix fought to make sure the stone came back to the Lost Cove. Joseph, Barond, Helga, and Jassincto were taken slaves, as well as a dozen of his men. She hid the Orichalcum on her person – he slits open her stomach and withdraws the stone.

With only 14 days to float on the used rock, God informs them this stone will mark them as rebels, and they will need to promote a new High Cleric. The blessings reactivate and a new town hall meeting is called to determine where they should go from here.



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