The Lost Cove

About Our Island

The Lost Cove

Floating toward the edge of the United Kingdoms of Caelorum is a lost island, dominated by it’s crescent mountain. On the smaller side at about a kilometer in diameter, it floats rather isolated from other islands in the mists. At the center sits a smaller lake, surrounded by hostile sands and only a small area for subsistence farming.

The Lost Cove is populated by castaways, rebels, and drifters looking for a new life, nestled within the relative safety of the borders of Caelorum and the freedom of being at it’s edge. Known for attracting such people, the residents are quick to adopt new members into their family.

Because of it’s harsher environment, and unskilled workforce, our island has relied upon the terribly unstaining method of mining away at it’s own guts, and selling the precious metals to remain afloat. This is the major source of conflict in the town, and finding a new way to gather money for Orichalcum is the matter of constant debate.

The citizens do enjoy a true democracy – it’s population (Roughly 246) is small enough that volunteer town hall meetings can handle most of the day to day. It’s governor – Joseph Morales – mainly leads meetings, and refrains from voting himself. He developed a system of conflict resolution he calls “Bologna Democracy” that helps the rough edged citizenry keep calm and that everyone gets their say.

While not many of the residents are extremely faithful, a conservative devotion to God – and the belief by the Miners that God wouldn’t let the metals run out – is the dominant religion. Beatrix, the head cleric, helps make sure the island stays afloat, and has cautiously accepted an impressive 4 apprentices.

Features and Locations:
The Temple of God
Recently broken in to, this is where the complicated equipment that generates the blessings is stored, as well as a great deal of healing equipment and tools. Deep into the center of the island is the path to the the Altar.

Mount Olly

The Blue Skies
The Inn and Restraunt where Yecti works with Golm Bimbender. It’s owned by Ezekiel Dal’adriel. Miners frequent this estabolishment often, to Yecti’s dismay. Malycia lives in a rented room above all the commotion.

Town Hall
With the buzz of the official Kazoo, the residents of the Lost Cove meet here to debate, flash numbers, and grab new ones.

Cero’s Forest
A small gathering of trees, where Cero can maybe find three minutes of peace and quiet to sleep away his hangovers.

Session 1 Update:
Due to being unable to afford the Angel’s Orichalcum Prices after a raid from the Ravagers, The citizens of the Lost Cove had to seek it elsewhere. They are now flagged as Rebels. The island owes a debt to the Interisland Bank of Rebels of approximately 3000 Gold, the contract to which has been lost.



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