CEO Gozballa "Goldeneyes" Tenbucks

Short, even for a goblin, and plump beyond reason, her eyes glitter with intelligence and greed.


When God uplifted the races of Man, it did not care to save those lowest in it’s eyes. Many of the races considered most monsterous were forced into the Underdark, slavery to the “uplifted races” or merely forced to die off in the plunging mists.

For a time, the goblins continued to obey their larger, fiercer kind. Slaves to the Hobgoblins and bugbears, their lives were spent fighting for every inch of land they could claim in the Underdark. Then, something happened. Whether it was exposure to the Mists, or underground magical radiation, the simple, rank and file goblins grew smarter. They unionized against their larger brethren, and in a bloodless coup established an incredibly efficient bureaucracy based government.

Generations after the uplifting of the other races, the Goblins suddenly appeared, in great dirigibles. With an amazing show of money, they purchased islands that were falling, and a sizable hoard of Orichalcum. Within a few years of pricing changes and lending, they turned a profit on these expenses, and became a premiere location to go to purchase or sell Orichalcum, or get a loan for a ship.

Gozballa, the current CEO and leader of goblinkind, has a unique gift of minor clairvoyance. It allows her to pick wise investments, and further raise goblinoids above the chosen “Uplifted” races.

Gozballa allowed us to buy out Joseph’s contract, and we got our ship back! She is more then willing to trade, or fund, smugglers too.


CEO Gozballa "Goldeneyes" Tenbucks

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