Cero Cabrealia

Rotund, jolly, and just beginning to grey.


Corey’s Green Knight Paladin to be updated.

Former drunk, works the docks.


Cero is one of the few natives to lonely cove. Decades ago, he was part of a small clan of satyrs living in the small forested part of the island that’s since been claimed by the self-destructive mining economy. Most visitors who hear the history of the satyr presence on the island assume that the mining is the reason that very few of the clan remain. While Cero typically stays silent on the matter, he knows better.
In truth, Cero is the reason that his clan has left. Satyr’s make the most out of life between the drinking, fucking, drinking, partying, and drinking. A satyr with Grogstops Syndrome* is bound to screw things up somewhere along the way. Cero had befriended quite a few of the merchants while working the docks. One of these friends was urgently trying to unload a large shipment of wine. The price was more than reasonable but out of Cero’s reach so he did what any reasonable guy with a drinking problem and access to the clan’s shared treasury would do. In the end, the wine was stolen, the treasury was empty, and the land that the satyrs lived on was claimed as mining property as punishment for purchasing stolen goods.
Since then, Cero lived his life drowning his regrets in drink. One night, while drinking alone by the lake, he heard a call that seemed to come from the island itself. As he stared into his reflection in the lake looking for the source, he lost himself in the starry reflection of the still water. He saw a different version of himself looking back and swore he’d become what he saw in that lake right after he finished this one last cup.

*Grogstops Syndrome – a condition that inhibits the metabolic breakdown of alcohol and often results in alcohol dependency. When symptoms are at their worst, severe levels of intoxication are achieved with what most would consider a moderate level of alcohol consumption.

Cero Cabrealia

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