Her Royal Majesty Queen Bernadette VI

A large on life half elf decorated in the finest jewels.


A Large woman with a larger personality. She has olive skin, long brunette hair painstakingly styled and decorated with purple gems and gold. She wears layers of extravagant cloth.


Ruler of the island named after her, Queen Bernadette IV loves the trappings of office. The majority of her population can claim a degree of royalty, and anyone in the greater royal family doesn’t need to work outside of ceremonial duties.

To pick up the slack, Bullywugs have been imported as servants, and trained over the generations. This expense is paid for by the exotic wines the island produces from rare grapes that only grow here.

Queen Bernadette comes off as a bit silly or stupid, but she is a shrewd businesswoman who managed to swindle the Lost Cove, Merchants for her wine, and The Lichen for the price of a used ship from the party.

She expects the residents at the Cove to pay fealty to her, and raise her flag.

Unbeknownst to her, however, the island she bought is now marked as Rebel territory. How this will play out in the future is to be determined.

Her Royal Majesty Queen Bernadette VI

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