A jolly Mycanoid with a crest shaped like a tricorn hat.


This red capped Mycanoid has a strong base and wise features. He moves slowly, but steadily, and has a friendly, talkative voice.


Giuseppe is the captain of the Lichen, a small merchant ship that he grew from driftwood. He travels with his Mycanoid crew, selling and trading cuttings of edible plants from island to island, using the moist Lichen as a travelling greenhouse.

He knows most every trader in this cluster, though his ship has never been strong enough to go too far abroad. He decided to help Joseph and crew, to ferry them from the Rock back to the Lost Cove when the goblins demanded their ship as collateral for the Orichalcum loan. On the way back, the Shackled Hand struck, capturing or killing most of Giuseppe’s crew. His ship barely scaped, and slowly floated it’s way to the Lost Cove.

After getting the Lichen repaired, Giuseppe has agreed to take heed of his remaining crewman’s advice – Luigi and Poutanani – to find a bigger ship and seek revenge for his crew.

The Lichen was sold to Her Royal Magesty Queen Bernadette VI during a trade deal.


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