Ma'liciandra "Malycia" Vaernorogz

Chubby drow with dark ashy grey skin and brightly dyed hair.


Malycia is a Drow wizard, a bit chubby and lazy. Her skin is a dark, ashy grey with cool undertones. She has long hair that is pulled back with a ponytail or bandana to keep it out of her eyes. She dyes the natural white hair of her people in blues, purples, or greens. Her crimson eyes are protected in the daytime with a pair of hooded shades that help her function in the bright sun.


Malycia left the Underdark due to her distaste in the political game. An elder sister of many siblings, she knew her safest bet was to denounce her claim to her family’s status and leave, or risk losing her head.

She loves food, never having the chance to eat freely in her past life due to careful grooming. She does so now, preferably while curling up in a chair and reading a book.
She is at times self conscious due to having gained weight. People tease her about being a chubby elf, as it’s a rarity.

Malycia will help others willingly, although she may grumble if interrupted while reading. She works to magically purify water brought up from the surface, or recycled from island waste. This job has been crucial since the island’s natural blessings decayed a few generations ago. Her true interest is in cartography, but due o her poor eyesight above ground she isn’t very good at it, relying on her easily distracted familiar’s sight.

She can be a bit of a loner, her previous time in the Underdark causing her to be hesitant about opening up too much to others, in case they would use such information against her. Despite this, she is not unfriendly, just a bit reserved. Her closest friend is her familiar, who she tends to talk to without realizing she’s doing it.

After growing up under her family’s status, she prefers to live in as much luxury as she can, though shrewd education has given her the sense to save for future endeavors.

Malycia is knowledgeable about random topics due to her extensive reading. She has a decent grasp of politics due to her background, but prefers not to participate in them is she can help it. Positions of power make her nervous.

Ma'liciandra "Malycia" Vaernorogz

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