Boruslander "Boris" Levsunder

Formerly the island cripple, reborn as a tiefling


Classic love story of a crippled boy who sells his soul to find legs.


The young high-elf Boris and his family were crew members of a small merchant ship that frequently traveled the skies selling and shipping goods amongst the islands of Caelorum. When he was very young his families ship was attacked by black sail pirates, and after being raided, there ship was crippled and crashed into the mist below. Badly injured they survived the crash, but hope was lost as they realized they were stranded in the mists with monsters approaching the crash site, eager for an easy meal. Thankfully, a seeker ship lead by the wood elf captain Terrol “Bladesinger” Flynh, saw their ship sink into the mist, and personally lead a diving bell rescue team to save them.

They held off the monsters, but with the mists already taking his family and the rest of the crew, Terrol was only able to bring Boris back to the skies. With not much time before greyscale would take Boris too, Terrol took the boy to the Lost Cove, where he had hoped an old flame, the cleric Beatrix, would be able to save the young elf’s life. She and the other clerics were able to stave off the greyscale at his legs, but Boris was now crippled for life. Terrol spent a great deal of time with Boris as he recovered, telling him stories of his adventures and far off lands, but eventually returned to his ship to seek out new discoveries and unclaimed treasures.

Because he was crippled by the greyscale, Boris was weak and relatively useless toward the survival of the island. He has spent many long hours perusing Malycia’s book hoard – and stumbled across one of the more darker artifacts smuggled away from her old home. A book of ancient pacts – spellbinding and summoning agents of darkness for a promise of power.

One hastily assembled ritual, and a promise to some darker power later and Boris was reborn. His body underwent so many changes as to appear brand new. Muscled, working legs. Skin coloration, horns, and a prehensile tail. It all added up to what the fuck.

He never really got the chance to learn how to use his legs, but being able to finally pull his weight meant that Boris is up for anything, and will volunteer for any challenge to prove himself, hoping to repay his debts to Captain Flynh and the residents of the Lost Cove.

Boruslander "Boris" Levsunder

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