Repairs begin on Guiseppe’s ship, The Lichen. During that time, Kaylessa, being in possession of the Revered Kazoo, calls a town meeting to elect an acting mayor as well as a new High Cleric. Leemore Goodman, Ridley, Marion Burgress, and Ezekiel Dal’adriel were nominated for the position of mayor. Ridley won with the majority vote, to many folks surprise. Those nominated for High Cleric were Kaylessa, Orian, Jamie el Tour Guide, Tuck the Rock Gnome, and Warren. Kaylessa refused the position stating that she was not ready. Jamie el Tour Guide was voted into the position.

It takes 5 days to repair The Lichen. Soon after the party departs, intending to sail East to Findley’s Secret in search of bounties to provide some coin. Malycia botches her navigation check, sending them off course. In the distance to the East Kaylessa spots a ship belonging to The Angels. Far behind us is a ship flying a black flag.

The Lichen ports at the Royal Principality of Her Majesty Bernadette VI, a bit off course. They meet bullywug slaves at the docks, who after a bit of brief conversation call out for a boss at the party’s request. Baron Lefluer stumbles out to greet them, and recognizes Cero. The two bring up the troubles Lost Cove has faced – skirting the issue of becoming rebels – and the Baron decides to help them out, selling barrels of wine at cost. His merchant ship was sank by the Ravagers around the time they hit the Lost Cove. Yecti works out a deal to run for them, and they head off to Findley’s Secret.

BUT ARE ATTACKED BY FLYING REEF SHARKS! They win, and claim a shark prize.

At Findley’s Reef, they trade the wine, and pick up some bounty details. Seen, a good friend of Guiseppe, buys the shark and wine, explains about the Ravager problem, and leads them to a good place to pick up bounties. The party hides a notice asking for information on the Lost Cove, and picks up a few bounty jobs. They learn the temples here are great tourist traps, and the area gets heavy traffic from bounty hunters and zealots.

They return to the RPHMBVI, to exchange information with the Baron for gold. But not before FIGHTING OFF A CLOUD OF STIRGE and Kaylessa getting bit HARD. They make a deal to speak to the Queen, offering themselves as a merchant service, since their last runner got blowed up. They get cleaned up, and are prompted to treat the Queen with utmost respect.

They manage to do so, and are blown away by the large, lively queen. She asks that they swear fealty, to her, and their island to be used as a merchant port and fly her flag. She gives the party a $6,000 loan – with the expectation it is paid back by splitting 50% of wine profits. They leave the island a bit winded by the bad deal, but full to the brim with casks of wine to sell – this may work out well, after all.

Party Plans: Return to the IIBankOR at The Rock, pay back their Orichalcum loan, pick up the island’s ship, outfit it for merchant ventures, and sell as many casks of wine as they can.



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