Session 3

Wherein we learn the surface sucks

A new face is seen at the Lost Cove, and we met Zephiel the Drifter, a supposed captain for the White Sailed Guild the Reclaimers. His ship was attacked by angels, and supposedly had Orichalcum in tow to deliver to the Lost Cove, to help ease their transition into rebelhood and form alliances. Instead, we just got extra weight to haul to the Rock.

We left for the Rock, and were introduced to two giant birds of prey. Zephial let us know they were at the beck and call of the Bank – set out to claim those who haven’t made a payment. We explored the island, sold our wine, and decided it was time to pay what was owed.

There was a problem at the Inter Island Bank of Rebels- when Joseph was captured, the tracking spell tied to his blood showed him as running off – cancelling the contract and making the Boat belong to the Bank. We met the CEO of Goblinkind – Gozballa, and worked out a deal with her when we revealed we were willing smugglers between the realms. Debt paid, boat gots.

There was a chunk of Orichalcum just sitting on the ground, so we headed for the Grove and spoke to the Seeker there, a bearded dwarf lass known as Brawk. She rented us the equipment needed to head o the surface, where we were attacked by dinosaurs.

Fleeing a T-Rex, we discovered the rubble of the ship being actively attacked on two fronts – lesser scavenger angels fighting kobolds for the chest! We fought and fought and fought and grabbed the chest! Then we ran and ran and ran!

Orichalcum, just as Zephiel promised! An extra 12 days gave us some breathing room to plan our next move.



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